For your consideration... a dozen new Lightspeed features

We're happy to announce the introduction of over a dozen new features in Lightspeed.  The enthusiastic response to our timecard system inspired us to make it even better.  Here's a list of our personal favorites:

1. Timecard Cloning
Does everyone in your department work the same hours?  With the new Timecard Cloning feature, your department heads or Best Boys can duplicate one timecard across the entire department.

2. Instant Comparison of Timecards and Production Reports
Now our timecard dashboards highlight the discrepancies between submitted timecards and published Production Reports.  Our new Timecard-PR Discrepancy Report saves even more time by showing you all discrepancies in seconds.


3. Full List of Union Job Classifications, Occupation Codes, Schedules, and Rates
Getting the correct rate is easier than ever.  Select your crew member's Union and Occupation and our Start Form completes the rate table for you.


4. Multi-Episodic Call Sheets & Production Reports
You asked for it and we delivered. Call Sheets and Production Reports incorporate scenes from multiple episodes shot on the same day. Production Reports offer separate status tables for each episode!

5. Start Form Dashboard with Rate Sheet
Maintain and manage all your crew Start Forms with the new Start Form Dashboard. Generate your production's rate sheet from the same information and export it to Excel.

6. Gross Payroll Review & Approval Dashboard
Review and approve timecards after they've been grossed in the new Approver Dashboard.  See Pay Breakdown items and the gross pay amount at a glance.

7. Transmit Timecards to your Payroll Service
Make scanning and emailing timecards a thing of the past.  With the click of a button, your timecards are sent securely to your payroll service for processing.  See in real time when Edit Reports and checks are ready.  (Service is available with participating payroll companies)

8. Export Call Sheets and PRs to Excel
We analyzed countless production Call Sheets and PRs to develop a clean, consistent Excel export of each document.  Uniform cell and row heights make moving tables around easier than ever.

9. Auto-Fill and Auto-Pay Buttons
With two mouse clicks, translate your crew hours into a complete Pay Breakdown. Account codes, expenses, rates, and overtime multipliers are filled in automatically.


10. Electronic Timecard Batching
Organize your timecards your way.  Setup customized payroll batches and let Lightspeed do the rest.  Each week your timecards are automatically placed into the correct batch.

11. The New Batch Status Report
A first for the industry!  Using updates from your payroll service, our report lets you track every timecard in every batch and how close each one is to being paid.

12. Globally Update Timecards
Day Type, NDBs, Grace and other items can be applied to all timecards saving time on data entry.