Tomorrow at ShowBiz: Mobile Timecards!

Join us for a live demonstration of LightSPEED's groundbreaking electronic production timecard system. This revolutionary cloud-based timecard application offers the following features:

  • Crew Members can enter time on their mobile phones

  • Department Approvers can review and approve the timecards on mobile devices or laptops

  • Payroll Accountants can review the submitted hours and, using online worksheets, derive a final pay breakdown

  • Production Accountants and UPMs can review and approve the final timecards

  • Timecards can be instantly compared to online Production Reports

No paper required!  All signatures are electronic.  A detailed audit trail is kept for every timecard.  Productions and employees retain permanent access to their own digital carbon copies.

Do you have crew members who require paper timecards?  No problem!  The LightSPEED timecard system is fully compatible with paper timecards, allowing you to upload a scan of the timecard into the system. 

And best of all, our timecard system is fully integrated with the LightSPEED Production Management system, which includes Crew Management, Script Breakdown, Sides Distribution, Locations, and Call Sheets!

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